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Kappa Alpha Order

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members of Kappa Alpha Order after a marathon

Kappa Alpha Order Quick Facts

Location Unhoused
National Founding Washington College, December 21, 1865
Chapter Founding October 27, 1895
Colors Crimson, Old Gold
National Philanthropy The Independence Fund
Open Motto God and the Ladies
Membership 89
Recruitment Chair  
Advisor Chris Morace
Social Media InstagramChapter | International

About Us

Nationwide, Kappa Alpha Order prides itself on its values of gentility, service, leadership, and perseverance. Our KA chapter here at Stanford embodies these values and continuously strives to demonstrate them in our daily actions. We pride ourselves in excelling in every aspect of life. In the last two years alone, we have had 2 Rhodes Scholarship finalists, 3 company founders, 4 two-time NCAA champions, and 6 Olympic athletes. Our philanthropy events have helped raise thousands of dollars for organizations committed to improving mental health and men’s health, our two chapter themes for the year. We partner with organizations across campus such as Stanford Women in Business and Safe and Open Spaces to promote equality and address social issues that face this campus and country. We develop incredibly successful people while enjoying our lives to the fullest.

Whether it is a camping trip in Yosemite, poker night in the house, surfing outing in Pacifica, social event with a sorority or fraternity, or Endless KA, our members are always seeking fun and adventure. We strive to make our college experiences as enjoyable as possible while maintaining the academic success of every member. Most importantly, we are a brotherhood of men who care for one another. The fraternity provides a support system of over 80 peers, all viewed as equals and friends. We provide guidance to our younger members while valuing the knowledge each new member brings to the fraternity.

The people you associate with during your college years define your experience and the type of person you will become. As KAs, we are role models for each other and strive to shape each other into role models for society.

Average Quarterly Dues: $100