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Kappa Alpha Order

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Kappa Alpha Order Quick Facts

Location664 Lomita Court
National FoundingWashington College, December 21, 1865
Chapter FoundingOctober 27, 1895
ColorsCrimson, Old Gold
PhilanthropyRavenswood Education Foundation, Circuit EPA
Open MottoGod and the Ladies
PresidentDiego Burgos
Recruitment ChairYahli Einav (, Ben Shaper (, & Nico Di Borgoricco (
AdvisorChris Morace
Social MediaInstagramChapter | International

About Us

As written in our Stanford KA constitution, our six values are leadership, community, service, diversity, knowledge, and growth. Both as a chapter and as individuals, we strive to embody these core values and demonstrate them in our daily actions. Indeed, we seek to excel in every aspect of our lives. Our members pursue excellence outside of the classroom as Tour Guides, Teaching Assistants, Research Assistants, Undergraduate Senators, Mayfield Fellows, Leaders in Stanford Consulting, Varsity Athletic Captains, and much more. Beyond making a difference on Stanford's campus, we engage with our surrounding community. We partner with the Ravenswood Education Foundation and the San Francisco 49ers Academy to support middle schoolers in East Palo Alto. Through our philanthropy events (which have raised thousands of dollars and brought together hundreds of attendees) and hands-on mentorship, we hope to help the next generation of students get the quality education they deserve. We take pride in the smallest of details, strive to leave a lasting impact on those around us, and will not cease in our constant pursuit of being a mission-driven, excellent Greek organization at Stanford.

At Stanford KA, we hope to make memories that will last a lifetime. Whether it is a ski trip to Lake Tahoe, poker night at the house, surfing in Pacifica, going to horse races in the North Bay, social events with a sorority or fraternity, playing splash or hacky sack, or hosting Endless KA, our members are always seeking fun and adventure. Most importantly, we are a brotherhood of men who care for one another. This fraternity provides a support system of around 90 peers, all viewed as equals and friends. We intentionally work to make KA a place where everyone feels like they belong, not where they have to fit in. During recruitment, we look for humble, enthusiastic, team-players who are their authentic selves. While we emphasize learning during the new member period, we promote intellectual and personal growth in our members throughout their entire time as a KA. Stanford KAs have the opportunity for one-on-one mentorship with KA alumni professionals, workshops with the SHARE office, and speakers ranging from Stanford peers, wellness counselors, DEI experts, and military leaders. We push each other to be the best versions of ourselves, day in and day out. The people you surround yourself with during your college years define your experience and the type of person you will become. As KAs, we act as role models for each other so that we can serve as leaders after our time at Stanford has ended.


A note on financial aid: Between our national and chapter dues, there are costs that come with the Greek experience. While we need a solid financial footing to deliver an optimal experience to our members, we recognize that these expenses pose significant barriers to many students. To address this, alumni of Stanford KA founded a non-profit charity, Cardinal Oak, to fund financial aid for chapter members to ensure that anyone who would be a great member of KA does not hesitate to join because of financial constraints. If you are concerned about the financial burden of joining KA, please reach out to KA's financial officer Ike ( to learn more specifics, all of which will be entirely confidential. We would also encourage you to learn more about the FSL Opportunity Fund. 

Average Quarterly Dues: $600 (KA Financial Aid Available)