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Taking Care of Ourselves & Each Other

Alpha Phi

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alpha phi
Location 1018 Campus Drive
National Founding Syracuse University, October 10, 1872
Chapter Founding 2010
Colors Silver and Bordeaux
National Philanthropy Cardiac Care Awareness
Open Motto “Union Hand in Hand”
Membership 101
President Laurel Foster
Learn More Instagram Chapter Website Inter/National Website

About us

Alpha Phi 

Nationally, Alpha Phi supports the values of sisterhood, generosity, innovation, and character most highly. As members, we emulate these values in our everyday lives, and have structured our information with that same framework in mind.

Established in 2010 at Stanford, the Alpha Phi Kappa Chapter has been a welcoming and active force on campus, rich in leadership, friendship, and philanthropy. In addition, our members take pride in our strong focus on diversity, equity, and inclusion. 

Although Alpha Phi is currently unhoused, this organization continues to provide a strong community for all its members—in fact, Alpha Phis often draw together! Being unhoused makes every second spent with our fellow members that much more valuable and intentional. We work together on homework, show up to each other’s games/events, and go to workout classes together! On campus, Alpha Phi hosts several sisterhood events a week, including movie nights, talent shows, weekend brunches, and even sisterhood speed dating. While virtual, Alpha Phi has continued to maintain its focus on close knit membership through zoom chapters, workshops, and various other virtual events.

Outside of chapter events, Alpha Phis can be found all over campus pursuing a variety of interests, including athletics, the arts, and countless other projects. Some members win National Championships, some start nonprofits, and others find themselves balling out on Forbes 30 under 30. Regardless of how our members choose to express themselves, Alpha Phis love to show up in full force to support our members!


Philanthropy is a core component of sorority life. Alpha Phi champions women’s heart health through fundraising, education, and awareness. Our chapter holds events such as Alpha Phifa (a yearly campus wide soccer tournament) and Red Dress Gala to raise funds. Last year, we raised over $5,500 for women’s heart health! Philanthropy is one of the most rewarding aspects of sorority life, and we are working to weave it into the Aphi experience online and expand our efforts to focus on the community right around Stanford.


Being in Alpha Phi doesn’t just mean always having a community to lean upon or a place to go to; it also means committing to improving our community. Being in Alpha Phi means acknowledging where we have come from as members of a Panhellenic organization and committing—individually and collectively—to doing the work needed to reform our organizations. So far, this has included 1) lobbying for change within our national organization to establish a Vice President of  Diversity & Inclusion across all  Alpha Phi executive councils, 2) working with Alpha Kappa Alpha to support the Black Lives Matter movement, 3) leading chapter workshops and discussions on topics of power and privilege, and 4) amending our bylaws to be more gender inclusive. We look forward to continuing this work for the betterment of our chapter and overall Greek Life. 

Stanford Alpha Phi values diversity, equity, inclusion. As a result, we ask that new members be ready and willing to put in the time and effort needed to continue to improve our community. We take pride in our community as being a safe place for people to grow, and welcome and invite growth of our members from whatever point from which you enter into our community.


In joining Alpha Phi, you commit to something larger than yourself, and there are responsibilities that come with that. Part of it is upholding the values espoused by our organization. Another part is showing up for the community.

We appreciate and encourage all forms of engagement in our chapter. Our minimum requirements for members are to attend weekly chapter meetings, recruitment initiatives and philanthropic events. On top of that, there are so many other opportunities to invest in our community and the Stanford community at large, participate in philanthropy, and represent Alpha Phi. It is true what they say—what you put into something is what you get out of it—so some members choose to commit more time by planning and organizing events for the chapter or by becoming members of the executive team.

Full Financial Breakdown:
2020-2021 COVID-specific Dues

​ Covid Dues Non-Initiated Member (New member) - 
  • New Member International Dues/Fees: $296.48
  • Founders’ Day Pennies: $1.48 – paid every year, goes up by 1 cent per year
  • New Member Fee: $55 – one-time fee
  • Badge Fee: $70 – one-time fee
  • Initiation Fee: $170 – one-time fee
  • Chapter Dues – 2020-21 per quarter: $75
  • Total = $371.48

Covid Dues Initiated Member (Current member) - 
  • International Annual Dues: $115, they also charge a small processing fee (~3% of the bill) for credit card payments
  • Founders’ Day Pennies: $1.48 – paid every year, goes up by 1 cent per year
  • Chapter Dues – 2020-21 per quarter: $75
  • Total = $371.48

Non-Covid Dues - 
  • New Member International Dues/Fees: $296.48
  • Founders’ Day Pennies: $1.48 – paid every year, goes up by 1 cent per year
  • New Member Fee: $55 – one-time fee
  • Badge Fee: $70 – one-time fee
  • Initiation Fee: $170 – one-time fee
  • Chapter Dues - typical (non COVID) per quarter: $205
  • Chapter Dues – 2020-21 per quarter: $75
  • Returning Member International Dues/Fees: $116.48 – due by every returning member each Fall Quarter and includes: Founders’ Day Pennies: $1.48 – paid every year, goes up by 1 cent per year
International Annual Dues: $115, they also charge a small processing fee (~3% of the bill) for credit card payment

Important Considerations:
  • Dues are all inclusive, meaning all costs associated with attending events hosted by Alpha Phi are covered by your dues.
  • ​Merchandise orders, however, are not included, as each member has their own sense of taste and style. However, many of our members take advantage of these opportunities to rep our sorority and bond with others! 
  • Chapter dues in COVID have been lowered to cover only the cost of keeping the chapter operational during the pandemic. Normally, dues cover these fixed costs and our bonding or social events, as well as subsidizing retreats, merch, and other additional events.

Financial Aid/Scholarships:

We want this amazing community to be available to all regardless of financial situation, as that should not be a barrier to joining Greek Life. As a result, Stanford Alpha Phi became the first Alpha Phi chapter to create a fund specifically offering financial aid for dues, through fundraising that has been done explicitly to alleviate the cost of membership. We also work closely with the Stanford Opportunity Fund to cover FLI-identifying members’ dues, in addition to sourcing scholarship opportunities through regional or panhellenic organizations. If none of these apply, our VP Finance is happy to work with members to discuss strategies such as installment plans, etc. Finally, Alpha Phi Foundation offers tuition scholarships for both undergraduate and graduate careers ( If you have any questions about affordability or specifics about financial aid, please feel free to ask any of the members during recruitment!