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Taking Care of Ourselves & Each Other

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Pi Beta Phi

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pi phi
CategoryPi Beta Phi
Location517 Cowell Lane
National FoundingMonmouth College, April 28, 1867
Chapter Founding 
ColorsWine and Silver Blue
National PhilanthropyRead > Lead > Achieve
Open Motto"Friends and Leaders for Life"
PresidentSophia Woodrow
Recruitment Chair 
Social MediaInstagram, Website

About us

For the members of Pi Beta Phi, “the 517” is more than a house. During our time at Stanford, 517 Cowell Lane is home. This home includes the best food on campus, cozy two-room doubles, and an endlessly supportive community. Together, Pi Phis crush problem sets, hike the dish, fountain hop, and even co-found companies and initiatives -- all while rallying for our community, social gatherings, and philanthropic events!

At the house, Pi Phis can be found coding in the kitchen, making midnight dino nuggets, and convening in the lounge for movie nights

When we aren’t in the 517, Pi Phis are out supporting and cheering on our friends, who are involved across campus. We lead Stanford Women in Finance and Stanford Women in Business, perform in Everyday People, head Dance Marathon, write for the Daily, and take part in more than 100 organizations - Stanford Dollies, FashionX, SWIP, BASES, and Tour Guides, just to name a few. Whether in the water, on the court, or on the field, you can see Pi Phis competing in both club and varsity sports including soccer, rowing, synchronized swimming, tennis, volleyball, track and field, and equestrian sports. 

In the Pi Phi community, you get the best of both friendship and philanthropy. We love hosting Pi Beta Paradise and Arrow Spike to support our philanthropic organization, Read → Lead → Achieve, which promotes literacy and education for low-income preschool and elementary school children. It’s important to us to give back, so we also team up with Kappa Sig and KA to cook and serve breakfast at the opportunity center when we’re on campus.

No matter where we are, Pi Phis support each other through thick and thin. We laugh together, hold meaningful conversations, accomplish goals together, and lift each other up. Whether on campus, virtually, abroad, or beyond the farm, your fellow angels will always be cheering you on. Boom boom!

**NOTE: Over the past year, we have been having thoughtful discussions about the current reality of our organization. We recognize our complicity in upholding the racism, classism, and sexism inherent in the Greek system.   We are taking the time to identify the norms, systems, and beliefs that need to be dismantled within our chapter and Stanford Greek Life in order to become a truly inclusive and supportive community.  While progress has been made within our chapter in the past months, we continue to reflect on the changes that need to be implemented.  For more information, a more complete plan of action is posted to our website.

Financial Breakdown:

  • New Member Dues: $380  (includes additional one-time fees for new members)
  • COVID Avg. Active Member Dues per Quarter: $115 (includes national and chapter dues)
  • Non-COVID Avg. Active Member Dues per Quarter: $250 (includes national and chapter dues)
  • *There are no outside costs associated with our chapter

    Financial Aid Opportunities: 
    Our national organization provides scholarship opportunities for Pi Beta Phi members which go to university tuition.  Our chapter, CA Alpha, has a scholarship designated just to our members through the national organization.  For more information on Pi Beta Phi’s scholarships, here is the link to their website.  

    The Stanford Opportunity Fund covers 100% of dues during COVID if eligible.  Financial support is given out on a case-by-case basis.  For more information on the Opportunity Fund, here is the link to their website

    **NOTE: Our chapter recognizes that financial barriers continue to prevent inclusivity within Greek life.  We have been working diligently over this past year to reduce dues for our members, especially during these uncertain times.  We are working with our nationals, regional team, and FSL to find more opportunities to reduce fees and adjust our budget to allow for financial accessibility.  Our chapter never wants finances to be preventative in a PNM’s interest in joining our community, and we are willing to work privately with any and all individuals to design solutions in regard to payments.