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Kappa Alpha Theta

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Kappa Alpha Theta
CategoryKappa Alpha Theta
Location585 Cowell Lane
National FoundingDePauw University, January 27, 1870
Chapter Founding 
ColorsBlack and Gold
National PhilanthropyCourt Appointed Special Advocates (CASA)
Open Motto“Theta for a Lifetime”
PresidentAvery Watkins
Recruitment Chair 
Social MediaInstagram

About us

Nicknames: Theta
Founding year: 1870
Symbol: Kite
​Flower: The Black and Gold Pansy
Philanthropy Org: Court Appointed Child Advocates (CASA)
Colors: Black and Gold
Min GPA: 3.00
Instagram Handle: @stanfordkat
National Website:

As the Phi Deuteron Chapter of Kappa Alpha Theta, we strive to pursue excellence, inclusivity, and happiness — and to make memories with our sisters that will last a lifetime. This is an important, historic moment for Greek Life: we have the opportunity to try to correct decades of wrongdoing. For the members of our chapter, coming to terms with our own roles as members of a Greek organization has been complicated. Many of us made the decision to stay in the chapter with the explicit goal of reforming it. In 1870, Theta became the first Greek-letter fraternity known among women; we were also the first sorority at Stanford. With that history, we have the responsibility to lead the way forward for a new, responsible, and inclusive sorority archetype. That does not mean we won’t make mistakes, but that we are committed to our growth and metamorphosis. This year, Theta eliminated legacy as a part of the recruitment process. This is the first of many steps we will take to promote diversity in our organization. We believe that sororities can be (and have the duty to become) empowering, life-changing spaces for all womxn. 

We’ve certainly experienced the good side of sorority life. Before quarantine, we loved having dance parties in the lounge, working together on PSETs, and eating buckets of chocolate-covered almonds together in our house kitchen. Now that we’re virtual, we love hosting superlative nights (who is most likely to hoard avocadoes?), working together to implement diversity and inclusion initiatives, and simply enjoying each other’s virtual presence. 

Our sisters are laid back, fun, and kind. While there is no “typical” Theta, we all form one weird, crazy, amazing family that makes the 585 (whether physical or virtual!) the place to be. Being a Theta, however, is much more than a social network. We give back to our community through several philanthropic projects each year. Theta is the only Cardinal Service certified Greek organization on campus. ThetaBreakers, which supports foster children through the Child Advocates of Silicon Valley program, is the largest annual Greek philanthropy event on campus. In addition, we team up with Kappa Sigma, Kappa Alpha, and Pi Beta Phi to sell Crush Grams. The proceeds we raise are used to support various philanthropic organizations — last year, we sent the proceeds to help save animals impacted by the Australian Wildfires. From philanthropy to the sports field, from the classroom to the dance floor—Theta sets itself apart at every step along the way. After all, kites fly high.

Quarterly/ New Member Dues:

  • New members:
    • $5 panhellenic fee
    • $195 active fees
    • $180 initiation fee

                Total: $380

  • Actives:
    • $195 active fees
    • $5 panhellenic fee

               Total: $200 Per quarter